About Us

Eat and be

The history of KMG Cuisine started back in 1999 in Oakland, California. The tradition of Southern Style cooking was passed on to Keith and Monique Griffin by Keith’s mother, Clemmie Griffin, of Mississippi and Louisiana. Throughout the years, the couple shared their talents by catering social events and family gatherings. Keith and Monique became recognized by those around them as catering connoisseurs; the highly requested dishes: “Keith’s Signature Spaghetti” and “Monique’s Mac N’ Cheese”, are among the favorites of the couples mouthwatering crowd pleasers. With the encouragement of those who have experienced their soulful cooking and warm-hearted demeanor, the couple contemplated opening a catering business. Their ambition has enabled their dream to come to fruition in 2019; with excitement, they are pleased to introduce the public to KMG Cuisine.